soapUI 1.7 Final released, including IDE and Maven plugins


News: soapUI 1.7 Final released, including IDE and Maven plugins

  1. We are happy to announce the final version of [url:]soapUI 1.7[/url]. The major improvements in 1.7 from 1.6 are - Mocking of Web Services directly from within soapUI - Support for importing SOAP 1.2 bindings - New Tool Integration for JBossWS wsconsume - New Tool Integration for Oracle wsa.jar utility - Improved WSDL-inspector - New SSL-inspection tab showing peer certificate information - and much much more.. Plugins are available for maven 1.X/2.X, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse. Read more: Download from sourceforge: [url:]Sourceforge project page[/url] As always we are immensely thankful for all help and feedback from our users! /the-soapui-team

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    There are so many tools which already do all of the above. Eclipse the new WDK has everything - web service development with choice of your own tool - axis, jwsdk or soap, simple xml over http etc. Why dont you all just divert your energies in improving that. The very fact that this thread has not gotten a single comment from anyone tell you somehting ?? isnt it ? We have so many projects on sourceforge - its just too much ...
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    I don't know from what wealth of experience you draw your wisdom. I do webservice related development on a daily basis and I can't think of where I'd be without SoapUI. It's the one and only OS tool which really focuses on the needs. And there are USPs for SoapUI: What's your choice of a tool for webservice load testing? What's your choice of a tool for doing process oriented tests? You know call service A, take part x from the result, call service B with it etc. Axis (at least 1.x) is past and forgotten, XFire with XmlBeans binding is state of the art when it comes to complex services. Only competition creates progress. It's time for WTP to catch up.
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    Congrats on getting to 1.7 and thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work. Good tools like this are always needed.
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    Hi Shawn thanks for your post.. Of course we would not spend so much energy on soapUI if we didn't know there was both a market-niche, a demand and a community following for it; 1) The market-niche; there is IMHO *no* other tool out there, neither open-source or commercial, that provides all soapUIs features for web service debugging, testing and development in one integrated platform-agnostic package. Sure, you can put together your own stack with eclipse/NetBeans/IDEA, a bunch of plugins, some scripts, jmeter, etc, etc.. but you will have a hard time getting everything to work together with consistent standards support, ease of use, etc.. with soapUI+your-favorite-IDE you have it all, and you can easily move between different IDEs for different clients sticking with the same tool, and since it's open-source you can add support for whatever you require anyway.. 2) The demand; soapUI has during the last 2 months had more than 500 unique downloads per day from our different distribution sites. soapUI 1.6 was during its six months downloaded over 50000 times and has consistently been one of the top 3 Testing, SOAP and XML projects at sourceforge. Obviously there are a lot of web service developers out there not happy with other tools and/or offerings out there 3) The community-following; There are a fair number of blog-entries out there praising soapUI and it's ease of use. Many well established open-source projects have chosen to recommend soapUI for testing web services; Spring/Spring-WS, JBoss (for which we have integrated soapUI in JBossIDE), Groovy, etc, etc. Obviously we are doing something here that other projects recognize and choose above others Sure, there will (and should!) always be alternatives for those who want to roll their own ws-development stack or those who are happy with the integrated web-service development support as for example in NetBeans and Eclipse, but we *know* there are a large amount of developers out there who need a more powerful and integrated web service testing/development tool to get their job done... soapUI is for them! kind regards, /Ole
  6. I welcome the discussion (but agree with the other comments that we really have none yet), but think we also need to look at the "compiled contract" as well as the other two options.
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    I welcome the discussion (but agree with the other comments that we really have none yet), but think we also need to look at the "compiled contract" as well as the other two options.
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    I'm glad to see the soapui team achieve 1.7. I've been wanting to write something like soapui for a while. It works well with the popular SOAP encoding styles - rpc, rpc-lit, doc-lit - and it helps you write XML request messages by presenting you with a template you can fill in with the request data. soapui is test focused, in that it helps its users create functional, multi-step tests of a Web Service. You can replay the functional tests within soapui or run them from the command-line. At PushToTest we've taken the decision to integrate soapui into the PushToTest TestMaker version 5 platform. Soapui will make it easy to build functional tests of a Web Service and PushToTest version 5 will turn those functional tests into scalability and performance tests and service monitors. We intend to announce the new product on TSS in May. We've been working with the soapui team and they are very good guys. Congratulations to the soapui team. -Frank Cohen
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    Thanks Frank! we really look forward to working with you and the TestMaker team... It's gonna be a killer-app :-) regards! /Ole