Sun has announced its intent to purchase CDC device maker SavaJe. SavaJe makes a mobile device implementation of Java that impressed many at JavaOne 2006. This may indicate that Sun is planning on licensing the SavaJe implementation for mobile devices to other vendors. The purchase is expected to be done soon, with details released during JavaOne 2007. Terms have not been disclosed, although Sun indicated that the amount was so low that share prices would not be affected. Normally, mobile devices aren't considered much from the server side market, but considering how many people use cell phones on a regular basis, perhaps that should change. SMS already enables servers to notify operators of events (for instance, you might receive an SMS message informing you that your database is having problems); one can imagine other uses for mobile devices, including the ability to scan RFID codes for inventory tracking, etc. This purchase might help push the mobile market's integration with the enterprise space, given that SavaJe had a technically capable product that lacked marketing.