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News: MyEclipse Announces Java EE 5 Support

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    Genuitec has announced the immediate availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 5.5 M2. This second milestone release showcases simplified enterprise and Ajax development in addition to providing support for many of the enhancements of Java EE 5. Please read the release notes and New and Noteworthy documents for further details prior to download. Download MyEclipse 5.5 M2 now!

    In addition to Java EE 5 support, the second milestone release will include continued support for the popular MyEclipse SNAPs (Simple Non-integrated APplications), which allow for workspace-free file manipulation. Continuing to bridge gaps between disparate workspaces, "Use-Anywhere" connectors are provided so users of NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio platforms can utilize MyEclipse SNAPs (including a Visual Web Designer/HTML Editor [now supporting .php and .asp files], XML Editor, Database tools and Java Image Editor [with screen capture ability]) directly within their own environments. The SNAPs are free as part of the MyEclipse distribution, but are only available for the Windows platform.

    The following is a sampling of the new/updated features in MyEclipse 5.5 M2:
    • Platform support
      • Microsoft Vista support
      • Eclipse 3.2.2 compatible
    • Upgraded MyEclipse-WebTools, an enhanced and professionally supported version of Eclipse WTP 1.5.3 with many MyEclipse improvements and bug fixes
    • SNAPs Non-Eclipse Integration and Improvements
    • Java EE 5 Projects
      • Create Java EE 5 Web, EJB and Enterprise (EAR) projects with integrated library support
      • EJB Projects include persistence.xml generation and synchronization
      • Much more
    • EJB3 - Enterprise Java Beans
      • Create Stateless, Stateful, Entity and Message enterprise beans
      • Wizards for creating all
      • Code-assist and validation of Java annotations
      • Reverse-engineer Stateless Session Bean facades from MyEclipse Datatbase Explorer
    • MyEclipse Java Persistence Tools (including JPA, Toplink, Hibernate)
      • Add JPA Capabilities to any Java project
      • Integrates with MyEclipse Database Explorer for database connections and metadata access
      • Persistence perspective
      • Much more
    • Visual JSF Page Designer
      • All new JSF Visual Page Designer for WYSIWYG editing of advanced JSF components
      • Supports Drag-and-Drop style editing of all standard JSF components
      • Preview mode of JSF design page
      • JSF and faces.config creation wizards
      • Much more
    • Matisse4MyEclipse Swing Visual Designer upgrades
    • MyUML improvements
    • Improved internationalization
    • New Application Server Connectors (Geronimo 2, Oracle 10, Weblogic 10)
    • All-in-One Installer reduced download volume by 50%
    • Much more!
    The following URL provides additional details about MyEclipse 5.5 M2:

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  2. Good to see that there's finally some more support for Java EE 5 coming. It's about time though, Java EE 5 has been out for a full year and during that time editor support has been almost non existent. Of course, Java EE 5 has been quite a large spec update so I figure this MyEclipse update only scratches the surface of Java EE 5 support. Specifically, I doubt that something advanced like JSP 2.1's Tag Library Extension Elements will be supported anytime soon. See this topic on the MyEclipse's support forum: Anyway, congrats to the MyEclipse team for releasing this milestone. Hope the final version will be there soon :)
  3. Arjan; The GA release will be available approximately in three weeks' time if all goes according to plan. :-) Jens MyEclipse
  4. they are there, already. All you need is to import the jar and Eclipse will be happy to list them for you use code assist. The 3.3 betas will help you with the attribute list, too.
  5. I meant the annotations.
  6. Mac support?[ Go to top ]

    How about decent Mac support. I've become a bit skeptical that it's really a bug in Eclipse/Java at fault as others seem to be providing this support for UML/graphics cross platform. I think MyEclipse is a very decent offering and respect the pricing model, but this is quite a problem for a cross platform IDE.
  7. Re: Mac support?[ Go to top ]

    I think MyEclipse is a very decent offering and respect the pricing model, but this is quite a problem for a cross platform IDE.
    It sure is. In the past they even had a Windows specific visual editor *shudder*. Luckily, the current one is more or less cross platform. In Linux the current version is experimental, but the one before that worked quite well. In case of the UML editor, I really don't think MyEclipse is to blame. The plug-in they integrate was original an application build on Swing. On the Mac, the Swing-SWT bridge is simply sub par. You can blame either Apple for that (because of they way their carbon GUI model works) or the people who made the SWT implementation for the Mac and decided to base it on carbon instead of on Cocoa. Maybe engineers from Apple would be able to donate some code to SWT to fix this bug forever. One would think it would be in their own interest to have a stable SWT implementation available for Mac OS X. Sadly, Apple doesn't seem to care as much for Java anymore as it once said it did.