Restlet project releases its final 1.0 version


News: Restlet project releases its final 1.0 version

  1. NOELIOS Consulting has announced the final 1.0 version of its Noelios Restlet Engine (NRE), the reference implementation of the Restlet API 1.0. The Restlet open source project was launched at the end of 2005 and was the first REST framework for Java. Since its launch, it has attracted an active and quickly growing community of users. With more than sixty different contributors and two core developers, the project went through an intense and fruitful collaborative design. Several applications are already deployed in production within organizations of various sizes, including, an Internet leader for brand names at clearance prices. The Restlet project is also used as a support technology for various software architecture classes covering the REST architecture style, for example at University of California Irvine, or at the INSA Rouen engineering school. NOELIOS, as the founder and leader of the project is now offering a complete professional support, including yearly subscription plans and a per-incident plan, with prices ranging from 350 € to 2850 €. It also offers some expert consulting services on Restlet and connected technologies such as Java, XML and REST.

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    How are restlets different from POX ?
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    Restlet supports the REST architecture style, which is a superset of POX. So you can definitely use Restlet to exchange XML documents. You can even exchange any type of document (JSON, text, binary, etc.). For a bit more details, see:
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    How is REST different from POX over HTTP. I think all the document types you have mentioned can be exchanged using POX too, isn't it ? I guess I can also create restful uri's using plain POX why do I need restlet framework for it ?
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    POX is specifically using XML as the data exchange format while REST is open to any data format, including alternatives to XML such as JSON. Also, POX applications tend to only use HTTP GET and POST while REST advocates the usage of all main HTTP methods, including PUT and DELETE. They have more details on the REST vs POX comparison at:
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    really got busy in some deadlines could not blog earlier It seems all comparison factors mentioned by you for restlets can be accomplished by POX keeping RESTfulness alive. I do appreciate restlet as a framework but as developer I just want to write a POJO that implements some interface and exposes it as webservice to internal/external partners. Adding another framework such as restlet seems to be overhead if I can achieve the same by using say servlets+POX Thanks Mittal
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    It's perfect for my soon-to-be-built custom java vm on symbian 8.0a ;]] Really god sent API! Greeetings to Jerome!
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    Thanks Vytautas! We are looking forward to helping you build your project. BTW, the link to Noelios Consulting is broken in the main text, so here it is again: