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TSS feedback: j2ee Best Practices and Design Patterns Document

  1.    This Site has truly been a help in my development as a j2ee programmer! I have adopted many of the patterns and design ideas that people have posted in this site into my own project at work.
       I think an online document that organizes all the amazing ideas found on this sight into a more coherent order would be an excellent idea. maybe you could post the Document in your resources section. The Title could be something like the title of this post. The doc could go through the development of a j2ee application using some of the ideas found below with code examples. This list is by no mean exaustive if all the great ideas on the sight.Just the ones I understand and have used so far.

    -Detail OBject
    -Validation in Detail Object
    -the stateless Service layer
    -Entity Bean Primary Key Generator
    -Lazy Loading Entity Beans
    -Aggregate Details
    -storing an EJB factory bean into the servlet context of an application
    -using sessions to store session objects
    -The discussion on 1-m m-m ,1-1 relationships using EJB's
    There are many more great ones out there.
    There are tons of good ideas here that even as they stand right now are a great resource, organized together with working code it would be incredible. I wouldn't be able to put this together by myself, but would need the help of all the really bright people who have posted here. Anybody out there like/hate can spend a couple of hours a week on this type of project.
  2. Jeff,

      I really like your idea. I was personally worried that the wealth of information discussed in the forums would be forgotten as the threads age. A document like that would be really good.

      I think what you are really describing is an FAQ. A J2EE Best Practises FAQ. That is definately something that us members can work on. The only thing is the logistics. How do we concurrently work on this document? I don't mind people emailing me with updates, but is there a better way?

  3. I guess there are other ways but it seems to me that in order to maintain control the e-mail way seems to me 2b to best. We could put up a post to gather interested contributors (which i would definetly be one of) and hand off sections to people. I think a first step would be to get a good list of questions, then to invite members to submit answers and/or new questions. The final step would be to edit everything into a coherent fashion. Of course many questions and answers just need to taken from the sight and edited, so a beginnig of a FAQ could be set up pretty quickly. Say the word and I'll get started!
  4. Hello Jeff and Floyd!

    I'm a big fan of design patterns, guidelines, etc. and have enjoyed the posts, comments (even added a few of my own here and there..) on this site. I think your idea is a very good one, consolidating them somehow, some where, providing samples, FAQs, etc.

    I would love to help contribute if you would like. Let me know.

  5. OK guys, I think we should go ahead with this. I would like to make it a joint effort, rather than myself be incharge (I simply don't have the time), unless of course one of you would like to be the "head" of this effort?

      The way I see this happening, is that the three of us and perhaps a couple of others build an FAQ based on the information allready presented on TheServerSide. We will become the maintainers of the FAQ. Once that is done (we should have a pretty comprehensive FAQ, we can invite the public to add to it. The reason I say we do it this way, is because I don't want to add a new section to this site about creating an FAQ, there is a large risk of nothing getting done and the section looking empty. I think if we focus on this together (a small group) we can do a real good job at it, and we can open a section for it once we have something to show.


  6. Sorry it took so ling to reply. Just started a new job and have been real busy. I don't mind following your suggest of a small group. Let's divey up sections among the interested and getstarted.
  7. Jeff,

      We have been coordinating this activity over email (the address you signed up on TSS with was used to contact you). If you havn't gotten any emails yet, please email your address to webmaster and I will forward you everything that was discussed (we have allready divied up the work).