JProfiler 5 released, adds hprof and additional trace options


News: JProfiler 5 released, adds hprof and additional trace options

  1. ej-technologies has released JProfiler 5, a commercial Java profiler with hprof memory snapshot support, additional telemetry options, Eclipse integration, and native method instrumentation support in Java 6. Other capabilities include the ability to set triggers (i.e., perform an action when a given method is invoked, or CPU load reaches a certain level), with available actions ranging from "start recording" to "override thread status" or "create hprof heap dump." Hprof support is important because with a standard VM parameter, you can tell the VM to dump memory on an out-of-memory condition, load that snapshot into JProfiler 5, and see what the heap looked like when heap was exhausted. A single license for JProfiler is $499 USD/409EU ($199 USD/179EU with academic licensing), with upgrade options available as well.
  2. I wonder if the Eclipse integration already works with a MyEclipse launch configuration. This was something that didn't worked in the previous release. WTP support was on the feature list for this release though, but that's not exactly the same as MyEclipse support.
  3. Great product, this is by far the best java Profiler tool and it intergrates nicely with elcipse.. i was on a project a few years back the project had alot of memory leaks and performance issues .and this tool helped track it down in hours...they even came out and did a demo for me and my team... top notch company & products :)
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    We use JProfiler 2 years for now, a good value product. I am very impressed with ej-technologies support quality. It's often required just several hours to get a response or even a patched version. --- Maxim Kramarenko TrackStudio -- hierarchical issue tracking software