Learn about Google Guice via a Google EDU Tech Talk


News: Learn about Google Guice via a Google EDU Tech Talk

  1. Bob Lee and Kevin Bourrillion are the lead developers of Google Guice, the new dependency injection framework built to embrace Java 5+. They gave a tech talk at Google, and it is now available for you to learn more about Guice. The talk starts off on DI itself, and slowly builds up an example using Guice itself. You will learn about Guice modules, bindings, and all things Guicy. All of the public Google engEDU talks are made available so you can see the talks that the Google Engineers get to see themselves. There is a great range of computer science and mainstream science, so check it out. There is also a lot more available at Google Code itself, the developer network for Google. Cheers, Dion Almaer Google Developer Programs Ajaxian.com TheServerSide.com alum :)

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    I'm only half-way through the presentation so far but I actually like their design a lot. They made a design decision I've been pushing for a while now: - Drop XML and Strings in general in favor of code which can be checked at compile-time. You can always layer configuration files on top of code-based configuration if you insist. Good job! ;) Gili