Groovy 1.1-beta-1 Now with Annotations Support


News: Groovy 1.1-beta-1 Now with Annotations Support

  1. The Groovy developer team has announced the release of Groovy 1.1-beta-1, the first alternative JVM language to support Java annotations and static imports. The features in this release ease a wide range of Groovy applications, from shell scripting to writing domain-specific languages. This release also includes several improvements and bug fixes. Support for annotations enables Groovy users to work with EJB / JPA beans, wire Google Guice with custom components, develop JBoss Seam entities, or write test with JUnit 4 or TestNG. Groovy 1.1-beta-1 is available for download from the usual location. You'll be able to download the binary distribution, the source distribution, and a zip of the online documentation (over 500 pages) and the JavaDoc.

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    Other than the java docs, is there any place that we can see some code snippets of some of these features in action? Thanks -Serge-
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    In the original post, I put links for some of the annotation usages, but they have been removed. Which particular features would you like to see in snippets? If that's annotations, you might have a look at my original announcement:
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    perfect, thanks!