From The TSS Interop Blog: .Net Coexists with JSR-168


News: From The TSS Interop Blog: .Net Coexists with JSR-168

  1. This case study describes how a large organization opted for integrating .Net and Java applications rather than going through a long and painful rewrite. The decisions they made allowed them to complete a project managing $20B is pensions in four months, and they had to rewrite less than 0.5% of the code.
    It may not be the favorable alternative, but, very often, the alternative to application integration is the large-scale applications rewrite. Such rewrites, for example, redo .NET applications as Java ones, or vice versa. This very often turns into a very drawn out process. ... Instead [of rewriting the .Net code in Java], Libis used Mainsoft's Portal Edition to cross-compile .NET code into JSR-168 compliant portlets that run natively on WebSphere Portal.
  2. Looks good to some extent when you have .net based portlets you can use Mainsoft's MainWin portal edition to migrate to java. But i have a doubt that the organization who wants to shift there Sharepoint application to websphere/weblogic based or JSR168 portlets then dont you think that the product will add an extra cost? Does the product will convert the IPC (within .net framework) to IPC (JSR168/Java based)? If yes ,then all good :-) ~lokesh