Backbase and froglogic Announce Partnership For Automated Ajax Testing


News: Backbase and froglogic Announce Partnership For Automated Ajax Testing

  1. Backbase has announced a partnership with froglogic, the provider of Squish, an automated testing tool for GUI applications. The partnership removes a major barrier to enterprise Ajax adoption: the lack of proper automated testing tools. Ajax applications can't be tested with existing Web testing tools because those tools normally can't handle the complexity of Ajax widgets and the asynchronous nature of Ajax applications. This has severely limited the adoption of Ajax for enterprise projects. Manual testing of these applications is extremely labor intensive and some companies must hire temporary workers to get enough testing capacity. The partnership with froglogic provides Backbase Enterprise Ajax software users with an automated testing solution that supports all major browsers and platforms and delivers unique features like test recording and playback. It supplements testing tools like Mercury TestDirector that are already used in many large corporations, which are a key market for Backbase. The froglogic partnership paves the way for accelerated Ajax adoption in the enterprise. Visitors to JavaOne can see the integrated solution at the Backbase booth #712. A recorded demonstration is available at More information at and
  2. Lack of proper automated testing tools ? And what about Selenium ?
  3. +1 to Silentum What a marketing hype! Lack of tools. I know atleast another two that are targeting for AJAX, and guess what? They costs nothing.