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News: Podcast with DataSynapse's Gordon Jackson

  1. While at JavaOne 2007, TSS recorded this podcast with Gordon Jackson from DataSynapse, an application virtualization vendor. We talked about what virtualization meant, including specifically application virtualization, and the value that virtualization offers developers and deployers; it's interesting stuff.
  2. Application virtualization is indeed a grid computing in its commons sense. Marketing message aside it certainly adds to the confusion. We constantly have to differentiate between “real? virtualization (vmware, xen, etc.) and sudo-virtualization such as data or application virtualization a.k.a. data and compute grids. Recent problems at UD with base grid computing market and rapid marketing push-away from “grid? terminology at DataSynapse only proves that these companies are rapidly moving up market in search of new revenues to support their somewhat heavy businesses. Nikita Ivanov GridGain - Open Source Grid Computing For Java
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    Hi, and thanks for listening! While it is true that DataSynapse is the market leader in commercial grid computing software, and that our FabricServer product leverages this expertise, it is not true to say that Application Virtualization is just another marketing spin on grid computing. Application Virtualization through the use of FabricServer addresses a broader set of enterprise applications than can be addressed by traditional grid computing solutions. The 3 pillars of Application Virtualization - Decouple (applications from specific hardware resources); Aggregate (these resources) and Allocate (based on immediate current need); Automate (based on Policy) - allow the enterprise to dynamically align IT resources with Business Requirements in real-time. In this environment we need not consider over-allocating resources to satisfy peak demands, instead we consider the application's importance to the business and allocate resources accordingly. Additionally, Application Virtualization, as enabled by DataSynapse, supports ISV and "home grown" software and does not require any application modifications with platform-specific APIs. DataSynapse is not pushing away from "grid" terminology - it is still a very important facet of our business and our customers would agree. Like many other companies, we are simply building on our success and expanding our role in the enterprise with wider product offerings and FabricServer allows us to address a greater need in the market. Gordon Jackson www.datasynapse.com
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    Gordon, Your podcast was informative, but, given your employer, it was clouded by the DataSynapse appplication virtualization premises. Can you please help me understand the differences in application virtualization (Fabric server) and the Websphere XD version of virtualization that IBM speaks about? It would seem to me that the conceptual model of application virtualization at its very core in unchanging, but I sense a significant product difference that could beget an architecture change. Thanks, Scott