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    I want to use Apache to load balance client request to 2 JBoss Tomcat instance (I use mod_jk to connect Apache and JBoss Tomcat). I setup Apache server on one machine with IP, the 1st JBoss server is on and the 2nd JBoss is on Apache load balances very well with http request, but with https request, it fails!? For example, when client click on the "login" link, this link will redirect client to secured address "", but this link is NOT available. When I try this link directly to a JBoss Tomcat server, i.e. "" or "", this link works normally. Apache does not forward https request to Tomcat server. I try to change many things and search very long time on google but I could not find any solution for how to make Apache forward https request to JBoss Tomcat. Please help me! Thanks so much!
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    Intercept the https request with Apache But while forwarding them to Tomcat forward them as simple http requests not as https. Since you have an Apache do not configure https in Tomcat.