MyEclipse 5.5 released with support for Java EE


News: MyEclipse 5.5 released with support for Java EE

  1. Genuitec has released MyEclipse 5.5 Enterprise Workbench, a commercial Eclipse plugin. MyEclipse 5.5 has a wide array of new features, many tailored for the Java EE 5 environment. Genuitec and TSS are also providing ten free licenses for TSS readers who enter a drawing - see the bottom of this post for the link. Features
    • Platform support
      • Microsoft Vista support
      • Eclipse 3.2.2 compatible
      • Upgraded MyEclipse-WebTools, an enhanced and professionally supported version of Eclipse WTP 1.5.3 with many MyEclipse improvements and bug fixes
    • SNAPs Non-Eclipse Integration and Improvements, which allows developers to work on files without associated Eclipse projects; therefore, you could use MyEclipse' JSF editor to work on a project from NetBeans
    • Java EE 5 Projects
      • Create Java EE 5 Web, EJB and Enterprise (EAR) projects with integrated library support
      • EJB Projects include integrated JPA and DB Explorer support
      • Much more
    • EJB3 - Enterprise Java Beans
      • Create Stateless, Stateful, Entity and Message enterprise beans
      • Wizards for creating all
      • Code-assist and validation of Java annotations
      • Reverse-engineer Entity and Stateless session bean facades from MyEclipse Database Explorer
    • MyEclipse Java Persistence Tools (including JPA, Toplink, Hibernate)
      • Add JPA Capabilities to any Java project
      • Integrates with MyEclipse Database Explorer for database connections and metadata access
      • JPA entity annotation validation
      • JPA properties editors and Java Persistence perspective
      • Much more
    • Visual JSF Page Designer
      • All new JSF Visual Page Designer for WYSIWYG editing of advanced JSF components
      • Supports Drag-and-Drop style editing of all standard JSF components
      • Preview mode of JSF design page
      • JSF and faces-config.xml creation wizards
      • Much more
    • MyEclipse Derby Database
      • Integrated Derby database server with preconfigured JDBC driver
      • Sample schema is immediately accessible by all DB and JPA tools
    • Matisse4MyEclipse Swing Visual Designer upgrades, availability as a standalone plugin
    • Facelets support
    • XHTML support
    • MyEclipse UML improvements
    • Improved internationalization
    • New Application Server Connectors (Glassfish V2, Geronimo 2, Oracle 10, Weblogic 10)
    • All-in-One Installer reduces download volume by 50%
    • Much more!
    TSS readers following this link are entered into a giveaway of ten free licenses of this popular tool, which is normally $29.95 per annum for the Standard Edition and $49.95 for the Professional Edition.
  2. I already am using it, this is a must have, I must say, if you do serious eclipse development.
  3. Anybody has update experience from MyEclipse 5.1 ? I saw on the website that there is no "automatic update" from 5.1(ie have to do full install) Hence I did full install of 5.5(without removing 5.1), I then opened my existing workspace. MY package explorer crashed in 5.5 and I then restarted myeclipse 5.5 to fix it. But my projects still have "reference" to 5.1 JRE/libraries. I also lost my "list of remote sites" which i got by exporting from 5.1 and importing it in 5.5.
  4. Does anyone know how their maven integration is? Last I heard, they have no maven support of any sort. Maven2 has excellent WTP integration, but WTP's tomcat launcher is almost too buggy to use. I was just wondering what other users' experiences with maven2 and MyEclipse were. Since my development team has standardized on maven2, our projects must be created through maven. I know I can use their JSP editor and few other of their modules, but I'm primarily interested in their launcher. My interest is in coding a change and being able to view the changes in my browser without any action on my part (as WTP does, when it's not busy crashing or failing publishes for random, nonsensical bugs). I've heard MyEclipse has a much better launcher than WTP, but that's no use to me if it doesn't recognize my maven2 project structure.
  5. I use MyEclipse and Maven2. It is a little bit of a pain, but the tomcat launcher is really worth it. This is my recipe: In the pom.xml of the web project: org.apache.maven.plugins maven-eclipse-plugin com.genuitec.eclipse.j2eedt.core.webnature <!-- e.g., also <java.lang.String>com.genuitec.eclipse.cross.easystruts.eclipse.easystrutsnature</java.lang.String> --> org.eclipse.jdt.core.javanature src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/classes Then I run "mvn eclipse:eclipse" and import the project into eclipse, and exit eclipse. Then I edit the .mymetadata file that MyEclipse made and add a context-root="/context-root" attribute to the project-module tag. Also, I set the webrootdir attribute in this file. Then in MyEclipse everything should work.
  6. I have not tried it recently, but afair, a mvn eclipse:eclipse (probably with wtpversion set to 1.5) should do the trick after that you can add the webapp capabilities or the finadjustment via the myeclipse context menu on the project or the project settings themselves. I have to retry it, given that it has been a while, but this should work without altering the config files.
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    (loser?) I subscribed. I used it I forgot it. Theres no added value. no point. Everyone in my shop in a dev meeting agreed, what did we pay for this thing for? Get over it. Go get ur plugins. Put em on a server.
  8. oh I forgot[ Go to top ]

    Wait for it.... Wait... MUCH MORE!
  9. When you type into an editor.... Do you ever feel the Eclipse slog? that little bitty itty.... "Im not keeping up with you" feeling? Is it because you had a "Big Lunch?" Or because Eclipse is a pig sandwich? Thats Eclipse. And its worse with MyEclipse. Ever want to "change your perspective" and have the rest of the day off? Eclipse will give you that too (without pay)! (If you have enough code loaded or have a really crappy plugin installed...(like a source control plugin?)) Ever want your IDE to flag every word boundary in a file because you made a typo or hit the space bar? And penalize you for doing so until you either undid your change or finished what you were doing? The "MS Office Eclipse Assistant" says... "Were you typing a letter to your Grandma?" you say, "No Im trying to make big bucks an hour doing my damn job!" "But thanks for making me resync my server every five minutes and making me a slave to the MS Word of Java Development the JDT Editor." Eclipse says, "I cant refactor because you have a missing semicolon!" AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Eclipse cant "organize imports" because you have a missing quote character". Elipse cant let you type the next letter because its "building the workspace....." "Send to background........" OH I Got to type another LETTER! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Launching................ Launching............... Launching................ Please give me more RAM for my memory leaks!.... Launching................. Not threading......................... I cant multitask........................ right remember.... this is IBM were talking about.
  10. and the ultimate evil[ Go to top ]

    As if you needed this pig....which you dont. It CANT EVEN UPDATE ITSELF! It can only update those awesome plugins that let you run ant 20X more slowly from within itself. Great job guys. What a great Java "walktime".
  11. OMG so funny. Have you guys got your WYSIWYG JSP Editor down? That dog dont hunt! If you mean WYSI NOT WYG and will probably crash the IDE editor then I feel you. Boy do I feel you. Tips for newbies when opening any kind of markup page, right click on the file and open with...text editor. then ditch Eclipse altogether. thats your proof. Being able to work.
  12. Tal; I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with your Eclipse-based tools. However, berating others in rude and obnoxious posts is likely to serve the opposite goal that you aspire to - attention for your message.

    In looking at your comment history on just today's date, your goal appears to be to cause rampant negativism in each post, so I find your comments to be invalid and irrational. However, if you have a rational, reasoned problem with Eclipse or MyEclipse that can be expressed professionally, please begin these conversations in the appropriate forums. -Jens, MyEclipse
  13. Hey, MyEclipse guys, if your listening: - Automatic db driven code generation for: POJO+DAO+Spring based facade+ViewHandler+Simple JSF based JSP - Out of the box configured AppFuse project. - JSF state debugger
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    Thanks to Jens and the crew at Genuitec - I was one of the ten winners chosen as a result of this post. I was planning on evaluating MyEclipse anyway, so I look forward to installing it and playing around! One question - how well is MyEclipse expected to play with the (upcoming) Eclipse 3.3 and WTP 2.0 releases?
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    Well someone forgot to take their meds, hmmm? MyEclipse is great, though it's strange TSS got this news before I got the newsletter about a 5.5 GA release...
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    Tor; The MyEclipse newsletter spools out over a period of several days, because of the sheer volume of recipients. You will receive your newsletter very soon. If you need additional information immediately, the website has it all. :-) Thanks! -Jens, MyEclipse