Performance of Entity Bean create vs. JDBC insert


Performance and scalability: Performance of Entity Bean create vs. JDBC insert

  1. Hi! Currently I'm writing my Bachelor thesis on Reengineering of a Java library and porting it to J2EE with EJB. I use Application Server: JBoss 4.0.2 Database: ORACLE 10xe EJB 2.0 I have a question on performance: There are 160 rows to be inserted in a database table. Due to the application logic there are 400 JDBC INSERT statements. Naturally they produce 240 SQL Errors because of duplicate keys. But that is no problem. In the new version I use entity beans to insert exactly the same data in the database. And since the application logic didn't change there are 240 CreateExceptions. My question: How come, the JDBC calls eat up 150% MORE time than the create calls on the entity home interface? How can the application server raise performance that much? I'm thankfull for every hint! Kind regards, Monika
  2. Is each JDBC insert made within a different transaction? Are you using prepared statements?
  3. Check for possibility of "Home Business Method Implementation" ....