Spring 2.1: TheServerSide Video Interview Part II


News: Spring 2.1: TheServerSide Video Interview Part II

  1. Rod Johnson continues this interview from the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco and tells us more about Spring Batch, the future of Spring, and the direction of Interface21. (Click here if you can't view the interview on this page) The Spring Framework web site has more information about the topics covered in the interview, or you can /join the #spring channel on irc.freenode.net. Part I of the inteview is also available. Watch other Tech Briefs

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    batch processing is very common in AS400 (and mainframe systems). Almost nightly jobs and other heavy batch processing stuffs are done this way. By the way was surprised to see that http://www.springframework.com is running under Drupal (http://www.drupal.org) which is famous php based CMS. Rizwan http://www.rizwan.in
  3. For me it looks like springframework.com is running under Plone which is a famous Python-based CMS. ;-) SCNR, Robin
  4. Robin, We have had questions about this more often in the past. It's a case of 'use the right tool for the job'. Drupal and Plone are excellent content management systems and although Java-based content management systems (even ones based on Spring) are certainly available, at the time (which is more than 2 years ago) we didn't consider there to be any good alternatives that allowed us to get up and running quickly. regards, Alef Arendsen (Interface21)