Bindows 3.0 Released - AJAX framework adds vector graphics, animation


News: Bindows 3.0 Released - AJAX framework adds vector graphics, animation

  1. The Bindows framework provides a rich toolset for generating large-scale, complex enterprise applications using object oriented programming. In addition to offering support for Section 508 compliance (which governs accessibility in the US), and full cross-browser support, Bindows can generate a GUI with a true Windows look-and-feel, including a complete animation library, vector graphics, sophisticated gauges, charting and a powerful visual grid designer in all supported browsers. Bindows support for Enterprise and Government application development includes tools such as the Bindows Linker, Bindows Compiler, Bindows Benchmarking and plugins for the leading IDEs. Bindows 3.0 has been released. This release adds adds:
    • Vector Graphics, Charting and Advanced Gauges in all supported browsers
      Bindows now presents a unified, object oriented API for creating rich business graphics in all supported browsers.
    • A Complete Animation Library
      Bindows animation library enables adding animations to Bindows components - thus creating visual effects like pulsating buttons, fade-ins, fade-outs, animated movement and resizes.
    • GridPanel2 + Designer
      With the new GridPanel2 Bindows now includes a layout panel that supports vertical and horizontal alignment, rowspan, colspan, offset and settable sizing to Bindows.
    Bindows is a commercial library (pricing information is available on the web, with volume discounts.)
  2. I havnt heard this name before
  3. i thought that this is a club for JAVA On the SEVER side not for javascript on the client browser,this news item is out of the context here,may be the product is good but it does not have any java binding
  4. Bindows for Java on the server[ Go to top ]

    Since this news item was interesting to many (thousands) people that looked into Bindows yesterday, and with all the different threads about JSF it is clear that a solid solution like Bindows is something required for many Java SERVER side projects. Using Bindows you can create an amazing GUI (true Windows look-and-feel)in JS for your Java applications, and enjoy the benefits of 0-footprint, cross-browser support, 508 compliance, full localization, charting, vector graphics and animations. This way you get the best of both worlds: Java on the server and the best front-end GUI. Stay tuned (next week) to see some amazing samples with JSF
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    JSF support !!! is there such integration? how the jsf event cycle integrate with bindows?
  6. jsp and servlet support?[ Go to top ]

    Does bindows support jsp and servlets or just JSF. Thanks in advance.
  7. The demo locked up on me in Firefox.
  8. Does not work in Opera[ Go to top ]

    They use browser detection! That's so 1999. Trying to mask as IE helped on that, but not to actually see anything. Is it Active/X? Seems the only reason to limit to the two browsers that support that. I'll stick to Ajax libraries that actually use just Ajax and Javascript, thank you.
  9. How does this compare with ICEFaces[ Go to top ]

    Hello: I've been using ICEFaces and it's clean and user friendly although you now have options such as DOJO and others... ICEFaces is released under a Mozilla Public License so you can use it without any associated fees... Venkatt Guhesan