J2EE System design, Is socket programming possible in EJB


EJB design: J2EE System design, Is socket programming possible in EJB

  1. Hello EveryOne. I have to design a system where at one end there will be a web server running web application that will accessed by the client. And there will be a application server in some other place. The web application I mentioned above will communicate with this application server. Then this application server will communicate with another System using socket programming. I had made my mind to use EJB in this part but later I found that there are some restriction in EJB for socket programming. So can I use any other J2EE components to do the job for us. We have decided not to use web services because of security reasons. I would be thankful if anybody tell what would be the best design for our system. Thank You Regards Milan Shrestha

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  2. As long as you are not opening a server socket in the ejb tier there is no issues. For example in your session bean it is perfectly fine to make http connection / open any port to send and read some data then close the socket. Just think of JDBC connections in the ejb tier opening any port of database ..........
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    That means that we cannot open server socket in EJB? It it some kind of restriction from the side of applicaiton server or its just like a bad design?
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    Hi milan, I assume EJB a session bean. There is no restriction for session bean to use socket or other resource. Your EJB as a middleware between your webserver(client) and other third party system (Some other system) is a good solution. Why did you see security issues in web services ? I can help you more if you can give simple overview of the system you are trying to develop. Anil