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News: JRuby 1.0 Released!

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    Charles Nutter has written that JRuby 1.0 has been released, based on the RC3 put online not long ago. Up next for JRuby: performance, integration with the Java platform (especially Java EE), and updates to Ruby 1.9 and 2.0.
    Ruby is coming of age. Multiple implementations shows that Ruby has really matured as a language...and also shows it has a lot of maturing left to do. Ask Evan (of Rubinius) or me how we feel about retry behavior or block argument processing or thread event processing or SAFE levels and tainting and you'll start to understand some of the ugly, hidden bits of Ruby. We need to make sure that Ruby development proceeds as a whole...not necessarily as a single project or a single codebase, but as an open, direct exchange of concerns, complaints, solutions and ideas. We need to start treating the Rubinius community and the JRuby community and any other implementations' communities as part of the whole...different facets of the same gem.
    Nice pun, guys. :) TSS also recently interviewed Charles Nutter on JRuby where he discusses how JRuby is being integrated into the Java platform and how the JVM is evolving to support dynamic languages.

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    This is great news! Thanks for posting it Joseph. In my enterprise there's been a struggle between the developer community that wants to use Ruby for productivity reasons and the sys/admins who worry about it's P&A because of the relatively untested (compared to the JVM they are used to) runtime environment. Management has traditionally sided with the sys/admins, but JRuby and Groove give us an opportunity to make the best of both worlds. ---Pete HP.com Chief Architect Personal Blog: http://nerdguru.net
  3. Hi Pete: I'd be happy to show your QA guys a long running JRuby test running on TestMaker 5. We adopted the JSR 223 Script Engine API and that brings along JRuby as a language to write unit tests that we turn into service monitors, load tests, and functional tests. If this interests you then fcohen at pushtotest dot com is where you can reach me. -Frank Cohen, http://www.pushtotest.com/Docs/r5
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    Congratulations to Charlie, Tom, Tim, and the JRuby team. That JRuby runs on Java is an achievement. That it compiles Ruby On Rails applications is outstanding. -Frank Cohen, http://www.pushtotest.com