EJB Objects - are they ever pooled ?


EJB design: EJB Objects - are they ever pooled ?

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    I understand by now, that Stateless Session & Entity beans (i.e. the actual Bean class) are swapped/pooled. While the Stateful Session beans r activated/passivated to/from Secondary storage.

    However, my question is about the EJB Objects. Does the Container pool EJB Objects ? So, simplistically if there r 100 Clients, each currently having an ongoing dialog with say, 'PurchaseOrder' Session bean, then will there be 100 'PurchaseOrder' EJB Objects ?

    Again, I understand that there may not be 100 'PurchaseOrderBean' Stateless bean instances as they r pooled, pls. note that I'm talking about the EJB Objects.

    Thanx in advance..
  2. My understanding is that you will have the number of objects you specify in your deployment descriptor. If you set the max number to 10 then even on peak load your cliens will have to compete for these resources.

  3. Hi,
        Since the client can involve in the creation and destroyal of EJB objects thru create() and remove()method
    of HOME object EJB object cannot be pooled by the container -this what i am thinking.