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    I have an EAR file with several applications packed in WAR files. The web.xml for each WAR file has a timeout of 30 minutes. There is an application in charge of the login, like a portal, and then all the other applications are shown inside an iFrame. To call the applications I have a DHTML menu with javascript links which change the current app on the iFrame. The problem is this...if I login to the portal and call one application it shows inside the iFrame...I keep working on that application for 31 minutes and everything goes fine, because with every request on this application it is resetting the session timeout for this application...but...if at this time I try to access some functionality on the portal app the session timeout is, anyone has an idea in how can I do to reset also the portal session timeout when I'm using the other applications??? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. While reloading every iframe pages noty fy events to parent frame which in turn will notify refresh events to every child frames it may contain. In every child iframe make an no operation Ajax call to keep the session active as long as you are working. Happy Coding