OpenLaszlo and RIA: TheServerSide Tech Brief


News: OpenLaszlo and RIA: TheServerSide Tech Brief

  1. Max Carlson, co-founder and lead run-time architect at Laszlo Systems, tells us about OpenLaszlo 4.0 and how it helps developers to write and deploy rich internet applications (RIAs) targetting both the Flash run-time and AJAX from the same source. He also tells us about Sun's Project Orbit, a Laszlo player for Java ME, and describes the kinds of applications that people use OpenLaszlo for. (Click here if you can't see the video.) Project Orbit is a collaboration between Laszlo Systems and Sun Microsystems that aims to provide a LZX run-time for the Java ME platform. LZX code is an object-oriented, tag-based language that uses XML and Javascript syntax for creating the presentation layer of rich internet applications. LZX code is an interesting alternative to pure AJAX since it produces targets that will run on either the Flash player (with over 97% penetration among all end-user computer systems), or leverage the DHTML capabilities of most modern web browsers from a single source. Watch other Tech Briefs

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    what is a 'lead run-time architect'?
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    I believe their role is to lead the follower run-time architects into battle against the evil-doers: complexity, time and cost. And lo, the great battle did commence and the lead run-time architect did wield the mighty patterns, and thus, the evil-doers were defeated. There was much rejoicing and running around... hence run-time :-)
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    what is a 'lead run-time architect'?
    The real trick is to find someone willing to pay you for being a "lead down-time architect".
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    what is a 'lead run-time architect'?

    The real trick is to find someone willing to pay you for being a "lead down-time architect".
    Naw, that's eazy, just git uh job werkin fer the govt. or any ole mega corp. Plenty uh people gittin paid fer down time in places like thayat.
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    If you have enough time to read all of these hilarious comments you must have a "down-time" job. By the way I really like OpenLaszlo and if they could just get their Eclipse plugin stable more people would be willing to use it. The video components are pretty nice you can interact with Flash Media Server without buying any Adobe/Macromedia products.
  7. It's not about having a "down-time" job. It's about being a "lead down-time architect"! There's a difference.
  8. LOL
  9. Hi, If you would like to see a good example of what OpenLaszlo can do, please check out our site at It is our video editor we wrote in OpenLaszlo. Our application allows instant preview of the following effects on videos and images: Color Keying (Green Screen) X-Ray, Invert, Greyscale RGB & HSV Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Enhance Brightness, Opacity FadeIn, FadeOut Drop Shadow Other notable features: Text-to-Speech Title and Text overlays (multiple layers supported) Video on Video Support Mulitple Audio Track Support Instant Mashup Project Playback Preview Precise Time Adjustments to Video Frames Publishing (rendering) to AVI video Time Position Markers Kevin Meixner, Lead Developer Sarolta Technologies Inc /
  10. Lead run-time architect....hmmm....wonder what that job pays.... what a do they even come up with these titles...hell i would walk away from a job if they decided to call me that.... imagine scenario... client meeting...everyone goes around table for introductions...come my turn...i say...ah ba ba i am ah the lead run-time i look at all the shocked faces in the room staring at me ... some in confusion and others in absolute awe of my title cause they have no clue... jokes aside i thought openlaszlo is a decent product....still i wonder what it pays to be a lead run-time architect...
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    Open positions for play-time and sleep-time architects. Guido.