Article: Setting up a Maven repository with Artifactory


News: Article: Setting up a Maven repository with Artifactory

  1. Maven is a popular build tool available for Java developers. One of the benefits of Maven is that helps to reduce the duplication of dependent software libraries (jars) required to build an application. The maven-suggested approach is to store all the software libraries in a remote store called a repository. This article looks at some of the use cases that a maven repository should implement. Criteria for choosing a maven repository are listed. Steps involved in setting up a maven repository using Artifactory are explained. Examples of maven 'pom' files which use this repository are shown.

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  2. dang good werk![ Go to top ]

    Kudos to the author! Down right rashunal I must say! I likes tuh see analyses like this here one - keep 'em uh comin!
  3. Really great help.
  4. Thanks for a great article and a great review of Artifactory :) FYI, Artifactory 1.2.1 final is due any day now. The current latest version is 1.2.1-rc4 (so it's better to download this instead of rc1). Thanks again, Yoav Landman The Artifactory Team
  5. New Info on repo managers[ Go to top ]

    For more recent information on repository managers, see here:
  6. do not forget about Archiva ![ Go to top ]

    Check out Archiva repository manager created by Maven authors It is quite usefull tool - I recomend Archiva 0.9 Alpha 2 version.
  7. Jetty?[ Go to top ]

    Have you thought of creating a simple embedded Jetty version of the software? One where the user unzips/tars-gz's the software, edits the Artifactory config file, and then runs a script and is up? I would rather run this app outside of my Tomcat instance, in it's own little world. Jetty is very low overhead and mega fast, and all those microseconds add up on the 5,343,998,010th Maven build of Project X! Rob Ottaway
  8. Artifactory IS using Jetty[ Go to top ]

    Artifactory IS using Jetty. It may be deployed as a war as well, but by default it's configured to run as an embedded Jetty application.
  9. Thank you! A very useful article!
  10. Great Article[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the Great Article. Very clean and helpful.
  11. Maven Repository Browser[ Go to top ]

    Hi, dont forget about which helps you finding the correct artifact information. In the near future it will also help you create a correct pom.xml for your project. Regards.
  12. Re: Maven Repository Browser[ Go to top ]

    For more recent information on repository managers, see here:
  13. Maven Repository Manager: Nexus Vs. Artifactory