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    I have restriction that I cannot use open source framework datamapping tools like Hibernate. It means that I can use only Entity beans or JDBC to access database. My reguirements document says: " Physically, the processes for the control, user, and data access tiers will be running on a single web/application server, a Sun 440, and the database will be running on a Sun 25k database server running Oracle 10g" Looks like that if make a decision to use Entity Beans, that I can use Entity beans with remote interface only. And this is not the best decision. Looks like that the best decision here to use JDBC to access database. Is my assumtion correct? Thank you, Natalis

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    You can use JPA.
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    If you use JPA, you should use some implementation like Hibernate or some other. Why can't the Entity beans be local, and your entity manager (and underlying ORM system) takes care of persistence operations with db server.
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    U can use session beans as DAO wid jdbc, u will get CMT, but not CMP sudhir http://www.jyog.com