Project Metro: the new name for the web services stack from Sun


News: Project Metro: the new name for the web services stack from Sun

  1. Arun Gupta has pointed out a new name for the JAX-WS + Project Tango combination: Project Metro. JAX-WS is the standardized web services stack, and Project Tango is the interoperability toolkit. Since they're mentioned so often in combination, the new name is not only catchy, but convenient. This is the image Arun posted to explain the stack and its components (slightly distorted to conserve space):As Arun says:
    The two main components of Metro are: * JAX-WS - The Core Web services platform * WSIT - Implementation of key WS-* specs and interoperability with .NET 3.0 The Core Web services that provides all the SOAP message functionality, including WS-Addressing and MTOM, is available from JAX-WS. Project Tango implements Security, Reliability and Transactions on this Core layer that interoperate with Windows Communication Foundation.
    JAX-WS is already being used in various application servers (Glassfish, BEA WebLogic 10, for example) so this is a relevant toolkit. The new name represents not only an easier way to reference the module, but also expresses the idea that the entire stack is considered to be more or less one deployable unit.
  2. if u want interoperability with .Net -> use tango if u want interoperability with webservices(all) -> use good practice web services designed and implemented in the hope to be some universal way of B2B communication layer, if u really wanna that, donot use vendor specific work around even if it is called tango or from sun
  3. Metro? As in Metrosexual? Queer Eye for the Straight Web Services Developer? I can see Carson throwing out all your staid PCs and putting in colorful Macs all over the place.