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    Hi , I have a site running on tomcat 5.5 with spring that holds stock market data untill today i used to gather the information on my home computer and on closing bell upload it to the site but now i want the site to manage the gathering itself , the home destop computer is a simple one thread java application that just checks in we are in stock market time if yes genrates the data it needs (filename , date etc.. ) and starts the work , when the trading day ends it sleeps again untill next opening bell (no need to touch it) the question is how is the best way to add this to the J2EE envirmounet class.timer's api says it is not adviced to use it for heavy/long threads .. so what other options do i have ? (i can move to jboss if it helps) . thanks in advance .

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    Take a look at Quartz. It should do what you want, and it integrates with Spring which you are already using. Homepage:
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    thanks that looks like a good jar but do u know how is the best implentition of such an addOn , is it better to implent it as a sevlet or as an external plugin application i would guess it'll take less of the jvm's strength to implent it as a normal java application ...