JBoss releases JBoss Tools, Eclipse Plugins including Exadel


News: JBoss releases JBoss Tools, Eclipse Plugins including Exadel

  1. JBoss has put JBoss Tools in their source code repositories, a set of Eclipse Plugins including the Exadel Studio product, Ajax4JSF, and Richfaces (donated to JBoss in March by Exadel), as well as Hibernate Tools, JBoss jBPM Tools, Drools IDE, JBoss Application Server Tools, and JBoss Seam Tools as well. Key features of the Exadel plug-ins include:
    • Two-way visual (WYSIWYG) and source editing of JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Facelets pages;
    • Support for JBoss Ajax4jsf, JBoss RichFaces, and JBoss Seam components;
    • Drag and drop capabilities between project navigator, component palette, and Visual Page Editor windows;
    • Extended code assist for JSF and Seam projects;
    • Support for easily adding Ajax capabilities to projects using JBoss RichFaces and Ajas4JSF using a palette and code assist.
    JBoss Tools can use other JSF toolkits as well, allowing their inclusion as libraries. The press releases states that this is the first step toward delivering Red Hat Developer Studio, an open source integrated development environment (IDE), later this summer.
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    Hi, Really a great news for JEE developers especially for people (like me) developing rich enterprise applications (Jboss Seam+Jboss Richfaces). Hats off to Jboss and TSS for publishing the news.
  3. Hi Joseph, I would like to clarify that we haven't yet actually done a *release*, but "just" introduced the Exadel Eclipse plug-in set into open source on jboss.org. The precise text is at http://labs.jboss.com/announcement/ It's still great news though ;)
  4. Right, to be clear: there is no release yet. What has happened is that we have made the current code (much of which was formerly closed-source) available via svn and nightly build. You can try it out now, but its pretty light on documentation... Our current plan is to have beta releases of the JBoss Tools plugins in July.
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  6. Awesome, I can't wait to take a look, especially with the code assist for Seam which I have really been waiting for. Great job chaps.
  7. Thanks a lot for getting this in there, Max. We know you've been busy w/ the Exadel merge, but it's been awhile since IDE Beta 2 and I'm really looking forward to the new release. S, ALR
  8. Oh, Yes! I've been waiting it since spring. Does anybody know, when it releases RHDS?
  9. Production Release Date?[ Go to top ]

    Any idea of when this will be available as a 'ready to go' production release, instead of 'just' source code? Paul Browne
  10. JBoss, JSF, Hibernate, Seam, EJB, Eclipse Plugins... By the time I read Eclipse Plugins I feel like just can't walk anymore.. my legs feel heavier... yuk... How about just Spring/Hibernate/Tomcat.... that's the end of it... you can achieve everything and more....
  11. Guess what - you still need to choose a presentation technology. And do remember Seam integrates with Spring, both Hibernate and JPA API can be used depending on your preference/wish-of-standardization and Tomcat is what is used inside JBoss for the servlet container. So yes everying and more + N ;)
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    We had a Jboss rep come to our monthly JBoss User Group meeting and give us a demo. I have to say its pretty neat so far and I hope it keeps improving. The demo showed us how to get up and running with a JSF project with little effort. It should make development a lot easier moving forward. I know one of the pains that comes up setting up a project is configuring everything, making sure you have the correct project structure, correct jar files in your lib directory. If you need to get up and running fast on JSF projects and looking to do some JSF development look into JBoss Tools.