Project Zero: Groovy, PHP and APIs for producing REST, mashups, RIA


News: Project Zero: Groovy, PHP and APIs for producing REST, mashups, RIA

  1. Project Zero is an incubator project started within IBM that is focused on the agile development of the next generation of dynamic Web applications. Project Zero introduces a simple environment for creating, assembling and executing applications based on popular Web technologies. The Project Zero environment includes a scripting runtime for Groovy and PHP with application programming interfaces optimized for producing REST-style services, integration mash-ups and rich Web interfaces. Editor's note: anyone want to take it for a spin to tell your fellow TSS readers more about it?
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    its a broken link
  3. Read the license before trying it out. Don't let the .org fool you.
  4. Yes, I can't believe someone at IBM actually thought this would work: "we'll make a commercial product, but create an .org website for and hope people will work for free to enhance it, while we resell their work and make money off it.". I hope this is just an accident at work @ IBM, not an indication of how they plan to "contribute" to OSS from now on.
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    IBM is not asking for code contributions to Project Zero. The FAQ states: "IBM is following a Community Driven Commercial Development process for Project Zero. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. As the Project Zero Community grows, there will be a facility for community members to share reusable components (libraries, widgets, services, etc.). This is similar to the way Eclipse plugins work, i.e. plugins extend the base Eclipse platform, but the plugin itself can be owned by the person or company that developed it." Regarding the .org domain name, the FAQ states: " is focused on freely available code and discussion of the technology and approaches that are suited to the development of the next generation of dynamic web applications. While we do anticipate commercial activity around Project Zero, any such commercial activity (from IBM or 3rd parties) will be separate from and the code available here is expected to remain available as a separate, noncommercial entity focused on the technology and discussion thereof." Joe Lea, IBM Project Zero Product Manager
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    good choice