JSFToolbox 2.0 now integrates natively with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, running a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in-process to deliver a 33% improvement in visual design-time performance for JavaServer Faces (JSF) development. This latest version of JSFToolbox coincides with the release of TomahawkTools for Dreamweaver, an extension that provides visual tags, syntax auto-complete and context-sensitive help for Tomahawk’s 75+ UI component tags. TomahawkTools for Dreamweaver is available in two editions: a free, lightweight Community Edition and a Professional Edition that fully integrates with JSFToolbox to leverage visual JSF tags, design-time UI component support, backing bean introspection, dynamic code hints, and much more. To simplify installation and reduce cost, Tarantula Consulting is now offering software bundles that include Dreamweaver extensions plus a setup wizard to guide you through the installation process. The Enterprise Bundle includes: JSFToolbox for Dreamweaver, FaceletsTools Professional Edition, SeamTools Professional Edition and TomahawkTools Professional Edition. It retails for $199 USD and adds visual support to Dreamweaver for five JSF tag libraries and close to 150 JSF tags. For information about using Dreamweaver for JSF development from a designer's perspective, please see our recent article on JSFCentral.com, titled "Designing User Interfaces with JSF, Dreamweaver, and the JSFToolbox."