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       I need to develop an application, which enables user to give some message by sitting on his computer. This message has to be stored on the server, and has to be delivered to others when required. I don't know how to approach. Any related sites / Java APIs r available to finish this task.
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  2. your question is not clear.
    make it clear immediately.

  3. Perhaps you could phone the user.
  4. You can refer the sun's site
    Java API for sound are as follows
    javax.sound.sampled Package
    javax.sound.midi Package
    javax.sound.sampled.spi Package
    javax.sound.midi.spi Package

  5. Hi, You might mean that you want to record voice from microphone and save it as files for sending on internet server. It sounds very interesting. I guess you probably need a streaming audio recorder, with which you can record voice with good quality and output as audio files rightly.

    After recording audio on your PC, you only need to add it on servers and then you can deliever to anyone.



  6. record voice[ Go to top ]

    perhaps you can be more specific about your questions, wanna record your own voice right? if so, i suggest you use this audio recorder. For example, you can record skype voice, so i think record any voice can be ok.