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    Polarion Software has announced the release of new version of Subversive, its open source Subversion client for Eclipse. The newly released version of the tool is targeted at Eclipse 3.3 compatibility and Mylyn integration. Download Subversive 1.1.3: Release details: For additional information about Subversive, visit the Polarion Community web site at

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    Great release! Seems to work with Eclipse 3.3 just fine. Btw, I wonder when Eclipse will come with a standard SVN plug-in. It now comes with a CVS plug-in, but it seems not much people are still using CVS. Development of CVS has grinded to a halt and all focus seems to be on SVN. I remember reading a long time back that Subversive applied for inclusion in the base Eclipse platform, but Europe came and subversive is still a separate install. Any updates on that?
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    What is the difference with Subclipe? --Mark
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    My opinion (and your mileage most certainly will vary): Subversive has a better name. Subversive is much harder to get up and running with - particularily if you have used subclipse previously. This may have improved with this release, but I had to change the default SVN client to one of the optional extra downloads (in order to successfully work with directories checked out with tortoiseSVN 1.4), and migrating from subclipse involves specifically unsharing the projects in eclipse, then uninstalling subclipse, then installing sibversive... check the FAW, but it took me several hourse to get where I was with subclipse. To be fair, after this experience and on a fresh Eclipse installation I was up and running in under 10 minutes. Subversive feels faster than subclipse (I have no empirical evidence of this). Subversive seems to be more likely to be in sync with the repository after a synchronize (subclipse felt somewhat unreliable to me in this area, and would often require a manual update after a commit) Most importantly, subversive handles commits across projects as a single atomic operation. That last one is worth the price of admission alone for me.
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    ...I did of course mean FAQ, not FAW...
  7. The extra update after commit with Subclipse is actually normal. Check out mixed revisions from the subversion book: