Use of XML growing in the enterprise


News: Use of XML growing in the enterprise

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    A recent survey of 200 current users of XML-based software conducted by Zona shows that XML in the enterprise in growing but not in the way it is being hyped. The uses are more for internal usage than for B2B types of systems.

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    Robert McIntosh
    The Middleware Company
  2. I have to say that this doesn't surprise me.

    When people say XML, it leads to the conception of a single set of tags, much like HTML. That's simply not the case. XML, as I'm sure many folks who are reading this know, is a meta tagging system, a system for creating entire new sets of tags, similar to HTML.

    Thus standards are much more important, and are, at the same time, not enforced by one single entity.

    So, the upshot is that where HTML was important for inter-company communication, XML is more important for intra-company communication, and will be for quite some time.