Advantages of iPlanet and WebLogic. Which is the Best?


Performance and scalability: Advantages of iPlanet and WebLogic. Which is the Best?

  1. currently, we are using iPlanet web server and planning to move to WebLogic 6.1. Is it the right choice to move to WebLogic. We are moving because of performance issue? we are using Pro*C, Oracle 9i and JSP, Servlets in our project. Can anyone please list out the advantages of WebLogic over iPlanet.
  2. WebLogic 6.1 is no longer supported by BEA so it would be a particularly bad decision to start using it now. Are you sure you mean WebLogic 6.1? Or do you mean version 10, which is the latest version? (I think 10 is out now.)
  3. I understand the panic to fix any application, especially web applications. But, too many times people rush to fix a problem without knowing what the true problem is. Even in a Web application with Pro*C, a Servlet Container, and IPlanet, the problem could be anywhere. I suggest that you identify where the problem is, before you attempt to switch out pieces. If you are lucky enough to find the right piece it is truly luck, if you are not, it could be a big waste of time and effort, and you still have the problem. I number of Java Profilers are available commercial and Open-ish source. The one as part of Netbeans or Eclipse comes to my mind as easy to grab and understand profilers. Generally speaking... In serving Web Content (HTML, Media, Pictures) IPlanet will generally be faster than Weblogic. IPlanet, Apache are true web servers that will cache alot of data by default. Weblogic usually servers as a Dynamic generator of content(JSP's/Servlets), and business logic along with serving static content. One more ting, if you go that route, go with the latest version of Weblogic. I hope that helps... Tony Sun Certified Web Components Developer Sun Certified Business Components Developer