Still hearing how great Ruby and Rails are for developing applications ? If your a Java developer, you don't need to make such a radical shift to try them out, as Groovy and Grails try to replicate much of these same features, allowing you to do so without leaving your Java confines.
The syntax(Groovy's) is based on Java with, what my Ruby friends (Tan and Dyler) would call, syntactical sugar available to make things like file IO, regular expressions, database connectivity, and collections much simpler. The availability of closures alone just made it that much easier to get into Groovy. Groovy also has the notion of formal properties so that was nice too. Oh, and Groovy is written entirely in Java and supports JSR-223 so bi-directional Java/Groovy integration is really straight forward.
Now one of the first things I noticed about Grails which was a disappointment, but not a big deal, was how slow the generation tools were. Even though you are running them a discrete number of times for an application and its just to get started … slow. Now that being said, wow this is a cool framework
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