JBI4ejb released: a new JBI binding component for EJBs


News: JBI4ejb released: a new JBI binding component for EJBs

  1. Imola Informatica is pleased to announce that JBI4ejb has been released. JBI4ejb is a JBI compliant binding component that allows you to integrate EJBs into an ESB. This component is especially targeted at existing EJBs because with new EJBs it's easy to expose methods as Web Services, while for preexisting EJBs it's more difficult. JBI4ejb can integrate EJBs without any modification on the EJB side, and no redeployment of the EJB is needed. With JBI4ejb, old EJBs or EJBs that for any reason cannot be modified can participate in a SOA. The current release (0.1) has the following features:
    • support for stateless session beans
    • a Netbeans plug-in that integrates with the Netbeans Enterprise Pack
    • support for OpenESB and Servicemix as JBI container
    • support for Websphere, Weblogic, jboss and Glassfish as application server
    Jbi4ejb is a companion project of JBI4Corba (on sourceforge and on sun) and JBI4Cics (on sourceforge and on sun).

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    Congratulation, this is an easy way to bring JBI technology to app servers of vendors not supporting the JBI standard. The documentation page states the compatible CORBA ORBs. Is the bridge implemented using an RMI/IIOP connection with the recently announced JBI4Corba implmentation? Armin
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    Hi Armin, yes the jbi4ejb runtime is very similar to the jbi4corba one. It uses the RMI/IIOP interoperability layer that every compliant j2ee/ejb application server must have. So it is very generic and for this reason we were able to support many application server from the beginning. More application server will come in the next releases.
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    I remember that it was not possible to call EJBs deployed on WebSphere (ver 4) from non IBM JVM...even though it was over "standard" RMI/IIOP...so it had to be placed special IBM client connectivity library for that...then it worked. I hope that it has been fixed since then... have you had any successful experience with that (calling EJBs from different vendor JVMs)?
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    It is possible to call an ejb running inside websphere from a non ibm jdk. The only thing you need is to have in your classpath ibm orb classes see this section of the documentation. We weren't able to understand why ibm orb refuses to interoperate with other orbs.