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News: SASH2, with Tomcat support - Open source stack from Sourcelabs

  1. SourceLabs has announced the availability of SASH 2 complete with integrated support for Apache Tomcat. Comprised of the most widely deployed open source Java technologies used by the Global 2000, new SASH 2 is a robust platform that simplifies the development of enterprise Java Applications. SASH 2 includes Spring, Axis, Struts, Hibernate and Tomcat along with all software dependencies and patches. Combined with SourceLabs' Continuous Support System (CSS), SASH 2 proactively identifies key issues that enterprise application developers face when building, testing and deploying middleware software. SourceLabs uses diagnostic probes and intelligent algorithms running against a comprehensive repository of more than 10 million data points to deliver optimized development processes securely and cost effectively, while eliminating vendor lock-in. SourceLabs customers have reported time to resolution in mere minutes using SASH with the CSS system. SourceLabs' SASH 2 is a fully integrated, tested, and supported platform for Java applications that combines the most popular Web frameworks deployed worldwide including Apache Struts and Spring, Hibernate, Apache Axis, the widely adopted Apache Tomcat technology and all 40+ of their dependencies. These projects all enable rapid development of all application building blocks individually, from web front ends to business logic to data abstraction and key components for service-oriented applications (SOA). Taken together, SourceLabs' SASH 2 distribution makes the most dependable versions of these projects available to developers quickly and easily along with numerous bug fixes and back-ports that would otherwise be unavailable. With SourceLabs' SASH 2 support services, enterprises can automate support processes and initiate key updates or repairs immediately. This gives IT developers a comprehensive and stress-tested Java middleware stack with service packs, patches and includes the ability to reclaim legacy application data and systems as part of the same processes. These capabilities are critical for highly-available architectures where downtime of customer-facing applications can result in catastrophic losses. To protect these environments, SourceLabs integrates and tests SASH 2 using a unique CERT7 testing process. Combined with the continuous diagnostic monitoring of production systems, this approach to support fully addresses the unique dynamics of open source software development by allowing professional businesses to benefit from the latest technology with minimum risk. Pricing and Availability Available now, SASH 2 provides fully supported environments for IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and Apache Tomcat to give enterprises complete flexibility in deployment environments without the heavy overhead or extra features that are often included in similar solutions. To download a free evaluation kit of core software available in SASH 2, please go to A SASH 2 Developer license is available for US $299 with technical support, proactive alert probes and notification service. SourceLabs also provides Enterprise Support Subscriptions for enterprise IT organizations using Open Source Java middleware for demanding, high availability production applications.

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    Struts 2?
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    Struts 2?
    We currently support the original Struts. From our surveys and talking to customers, there are still tons of applications being built with Struts. That being said, almost everyone we've talked to is trying to figure out what their next web framework is going to be. In many cases we've worked with some of our customers in helping them evaluate next generation web frameworks. We are still evaluating which web framework will be in our next release. We will base this on what customers, and enterprises seem to be gravitating to. We are looking at Struts 2, along with others. Will Pugh Chief Architect, SourceLabs
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    Will the Wicket framework be a part of this consideration?
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  7. How does this application stack different than that of AppFuse 2.0? Tom
  8. AppFuse 2.0 is really more of an application skeleton, than a stack distribution. SASH 2.0 combines a number of popular Java frameworks that we harden for enterprise use. We do this by: 1) Triaging every bug that comes in off the community sites, and back-porting bugs we think are important. If the community does not have a fix, we will create one and donate it back. 2) We have various certification tests we run, such as a week long stress test, to test the frameworks above simple unit tests. 3) We have the integrated Continuous Support System (CSS) to help us automatically diagnose and solve support issues that occur in production. Will Pugh Chief Architect, SourceLabs