Beelucid Software LLC is pleased to announce a limited release of a free beta test version and unlimited release of a free trial version of VBeeJava, a platform tool for source to source translation from VB.Net to the Java platform. VBeeJava allows users to leverage their software investment across platforms according to their business requirements. VBeeJava is a platform translation tool. It not only translates VB.Net to Java. VBeeJava creates an interface layer in Java which resolves all unknowns, whether they be .Net unknowns or unknowns from 3rd party components or application classes referenced but not presented to VBeeJava. VBeeJava creates a complete object oriented interface in pure Java for any VB.Net 2003 program. VBeeJava contains significant innovations in state of the art translation technology, including an advanced type inference engine which creates types, signatures, and hierarchies for all unknowns. This gives VBeeJava unparalleled flexibility and range. VBeeJava has complete support for translation to pure Java source of all VB.Net event and event handling capabilities. VBeeJava handles .Net services invoked on primitive Java types. It also issues diagnostic and informational messages so you have a complete and in depth understanding of the process and result of translation. It runs in a standalone gui and also within the Eclipse environment. VBeeJava runs on Windows and Unix based platforms and requires at least Java version 1.4.2. It's projected cost is $299 for a full functionality single user license but beta versions are free. Contact M.C.Adams at beta at beelucid dot com for more information on VBeeJava and the beta program.