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    A distilled view of the changes you can expect as a Servlet developer, if you are migrating from the 2.4 version over to the newer 2.5 version.
    Support for annotations and Annotation performanceWhether or not you use annotations—and especially if you don't—it's important to understand the performance impact they can have on a server at startup. In order for the server to discover annotations on classes, it must load the classes, which means that at startup, a server will look through all the classes in WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib, looking for annotations. (Per the specification, servers don't have to look outside these two places.) Servlet 2.5 eased a few restrictions around error handling and session tracking. With error handling, Servlet 2.5 removed a rule dictating that error-handling pages configured with could not call setStatus() to alter the error code that triggered them. The rule followed the argument that the job of an error page is to report each error but not alter it. However, practical use has made clear that sometimes an error-handling page may be able to do something more graceful than show an error, perhaps choosing instead to show an online help chat window to help the user resolve the problem. The specification no longer prevents an error-page handler from producing a nonerror response.
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