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    Someone on IRC pointed out Bernard Belanger's "NaDa," which claims to do nothing for everybody (portable to all OSes, and is a one-byte document.) It's an oddity at best, until you consider how easy it should be to get right - and note that Mr. Belanger gets it wrong. Consider the classic "Hello, World" program, conceivably one of the simplest programs with verifiable output to write. The whole reason it's so common is that it exercises the entire development cycle (except, perhaps, debugging?) with little focus on the actual program, and some people use it as a measure of the complexity of an implementation (see for fairly comprehensive information on "Hello, World." Note that some of the samples for programming languages aren't very good: for example, the JSP example uses scriptlets, when all it should do is be identical to an HTML document.) Well, NaDa is one step further: how do you do nothing? [Editor's note to himself: how Zen.] What's more, doing nothing, how hard is it to screw up? Bernard Belanger manages, mind you, with this statement:
    NaDa does not take much space on a hard disk drive, it is only 1 byte.
    Well, NaDa itself might only be one byte, but that's an inode in addition to the directory space, which itself might occupy an inode if the directory structure is poorly laid out. Just food for thought. :)

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  2. It clearly states on the front-page that it takes more space than one byte on the harddrive. I wonder why someone would go to so much trouble as making a whole site out of it... must have too much time on their hands :)
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    I wonder why someone would go to so much trouble as making a whole site out of it
    or claiming a "trademark" on a word that means something in Spanish (nothing), let alone claiming it for something that is not "nothing" by definition. 1 byte isn't nothing. Sad. Get a job.
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    From NaDa's front page:
    A note about file size Although NaDa™ is just 1 byte, your computer's Operating System will store its files on the hard disk using a minimum allocation block, which will typically be 4KB.
  5. Why is this here? That this is even on TSS makes me question the usefulness of this site. Perhaps that's the point of NaDa. Lame.
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    Huh? This is the lamest TSS entry ever.
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    Huh? This is the lamest TSS entry ever.
    For me, it's great fun. I guess I'm a nerd... :-)
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    Does everything I need in a framework and nothing more. Great documentation too :-)
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