PageBus and the AJAX Challenge: TheServerSide Video Tech Brief


News: PageBus and the AJAX Challenge: TheServerSide Video Tech Brief

  1. TIBCO's PageBus is an open-source Javascript messaging bus for integrating heterogenous AJAX elements in a web page through broadcasting and listening of events published to specific topic names. Messages can be dispatched from one AJAX component to another, or they can be bridged with messaging systems on the remote server. Rather than hard-wiring the AJAX components on a page to talk to one another, PageBus simplifies development by providing a simple publish-subscribe API. This helps modularize applications and promotes team development, unit testing, and better source repository management. (Click here if you can't watch the video.) PageBus is the main integration technology behind the AJAX Challenge, a web development contest with the goal of creating the largest mashup in history. Are you up to the challenge? Kevin Hakman is the director of developer evangelism for TIBCO General Interface, an award-winning rich Internet application framework. General Interface, the company that he co-founded, was a pioneer in AJAX technologies at Fortune-500 companies and a leading AJAX integration and modularization of web applications, and was acquired by TIBCO. Kevin is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars worldwide and a contributor to several technology publications. Watch other Tech Briefs

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    Dojo has supported a pub / sub API for years now. Can you highlight the differences between Dojo's functionality and Tibco's pagebus? I think this functionality is really userful and like the fact that Tibco's pagebus is a separate single file (BSD licensed) download.