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    Hi - I recruit in Boston for finance firms and have had increasing requirements for technologists with Java Server Faces (JSF) and Spring Framework experience. Has this set of technologies been out there for long? Also, can anybody recommend any simple interview questions to ask candidates claiming JSF and Spring Framework experience?
  2. http://www.developersbook.com/spring/interview-questions/spring-interview-questions-faqs.htm http://www.developersbook.com/jsf/interview-questions/jsf-interview-questions-faqs.htm
  3. These are the above site I got it from my friend.
  4. Hi Tomy, Thanks for posting such a useful link for JSF and Spring Interview questions. Andrew
  5. Excellent!!!
  6. you can check very good tutorials for Spring and Interview questions http://www.techfaq360.com
  7. Some more Spring Interview questions and JSF interview questions Spring Interview questions
  8. One more test added on Spring Transactions http://www.skill-guru.com/skill/login/testDetails.faces?testId=36&testName=Spring-Transaction-Management
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