BEA and Adobe bundle Flex Builder 2 + Workshop Studio 10.1


News: BEA and Adobe bundle Flex Builder 2 + Workshop Studio 10.1

  1. Please sign up here to be notified via email when BEA Workshop Studio 10.1 + Adobe Flex Builder 2 is generally available. Under the agreement, Workshop Studio with Adobe Flex Builder 2 is scheduled to be available as a bundled product by the end of the year. BEA Workshop Studio 10.1 with Adobe Flex 2 brings together world-class development for Rich Internet Applications, BEA WebLogic Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enablement, as well as browser and server portable Java applications. These applications can be fully integrated with other BEA products, such as those from the company’s WebLogic and AquaLogic product families, to help businesses realize the benefits of Web 2.0 and SOA at the enterprise level. The core components of this Eclipse based development environment are defined by the following functional areas:
    • Server plug-ins for BEA and non-BEA server targets
    • Flex Builder 2
    • Flex Builder 2 SDK
    • Flex Charting 2
    • Visual Web Service IDE for SOA enablement (on WebLogic)
    • Web and presentation tier tools
    • Object/Relational Mapping Workbench and database tools
    • Apache Beehive IDE (on WebLogic)
    • AppXRay support for the above components
    • Spring IDE Project and Spring code generation wizards
    • Enhancements to core Eclipse / Web Tools Platform IDE features
    • Test Client (on WebLogic)
    The individual products are currently shipping and are available from BEA’s download site and Adobe’s website. Check out what the press release on for more details.

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  2. mac?[ Go to top ]

    Any news on Mac OS X support of Workshop Studio? My license is gathering dust.. Also, of some interest is that in latest beta of IDEA there is the beginnings of Flex support. Seems that the Adobe boys are going to get some heavy weight competition.. /Henri Karapuu
  3. Licensing Pricing?[ Go to top ]

    Any info on how this will be licensed? what would be the cost of the combined IDE?
  4. Should be free[ Go to top ]

    You can download and use the SDK for free. The SDK can be used in any IDE because your just writing xml files. The mxml files can bee compiled using ant as the sdk includes ant tasks for automating the flex compiler. I have flex2 integrated into JDeveloper and it works really well. I don't have code completion, but big deal as the flex docs, which are quite good, make it easy to find what you need. Also since compile is done by ANT the compile errors are displayed in the IDE. My ant tasks include the swf file in my war and away you go. I like flex a lot, but I'm not sure I would pay for it.
  5. Re: Licensing Pricing?[ Go to top ]

    the combined cost would be 999.00 / user seat, and we're hoping it will be available by the end of the month. This will be quite a bit cheaper than buying the two products individually. (adobe flex with charting is around 749.00/seat)