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    I am attempting to use the <jsp:include> tag as follows:
    The including file contains: <jsp:include page="Progress.jsp flush="true" /> Both the including file and the included files are contained in the same .war file. However, I get "Cannot find resource '/jspProject/Progress.jsp' in document root 'c:\weblogic\myserver\jspProject.war'" upon invoking the including file. It works fine when I use <%@ include file="Progress.jsp">. However, I need to have Progress.jsp regenerated so this is not suitable. Any advice?

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    Try using an absolute URL for the page attribute, like:

    <jsp:include page="/Progress.jsp" .../>

    Or, if Progress.jsp is in a subdirectory off the root:

    <jsp:include page="/subdir/Progress.jsp" .../>

    And be case sensitive.