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    SQL's syntax is popular given the wide presence of relational databases, so it is that many programming languages are incorporating similar mechanisms. Jonathan Bruce explores if Quaere is LINQ for Java, the latter of which is the .NET approach that first appeared in this space.
    The LINQ for Java question hit another milestone last week with the arrival of Quaere, although it remains to be seen whether this milestone is significant or not. We've certainly registered some false starts in this space which rightly have been rightly seen as more marketechure than a true innovations on the Java platform. Lets review some of the feature highlights... * Ability to perform queries against arrays or data structure implementing the Iterable interface. * An internal DSL (based on static imports and fluent interfaces) that lets you integrate the query language with * regular Java code. No preprocessing or code generation steps are required to use the DSL, simply add a reference to the quaere.jar file (and its dependencies). * A large number of querying operators including restriction, selection, projection, set, partitioning, grouping, ordering, quantification, aggregation and conversion operators. * Support for lambda expression * The ability to dynamically define and instantiate anonymous classes. * Many new “keywordsâ€? for Java 1.5 and later.
    Read Jonathan's complete post: http://www.dotnet-connection.com/2007/09/is-quaere-truly-linq-for-java.html

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