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      i m a new bie to ejb. i have created class files of home interface, remote and Bean class files. i have ejb-jar.xml file in META-INF directory. . how to proceed further for deployment

    i m bugging for a long time
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    step 1: Use the jar(a part of JDK) command to make a
            source jar which contains the files you've got.

    step 2: If you use weblogic server, use the ejbc command
            (in weblogic/bin/) to make a final jar which can
            be deployed with the source jar generated just now;
            and if you use JBuilder4Enterprise + IAS, the whole
            process is automatically.

    step 3: Modify the config file of weblogic server to add
            your EJB to the list of to be deployed EJBs(have
            a look at the BEA's site to find out how to
            modify it).