YourKit, LLC is pleased to announce the general availability of YourKit Java Profiler 7.0 . The new version is packed with new features and improvements in all areas of performance management. It can be downloaded at MOST NOTABLE CHANGES AND NEW FEATURES IN 7.0: ============================================= - CPU profiling: results available in realtime - CPU profiling: results quality dramatically improved on Linux and Mac OS X - CPU snapshot comparison - Analysis of synchronization issues with the help of monitor profiling - Memory profiling: automatic inspections recognize typical memory related problems - Memory profiling: memory leak detection with the help of object generations - Memory profiling: values of primitive types in memory snapshots - Memory profiling: comparison of snapshots from different runs - Memory profiling: realtime instance per class statistics - New platforms supported: Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" - Improved support of BEA JRockit and IBM VMs - Improved support of older Linux kernels - IDE integration: Eclipse 3.3: plugin can now co-exist with TPTP plugin - IDE integration: Eclipse 3.3: supported profiling of JUnit plugin tests - IDE integration: Eclipse 3.3: J2EE servers can be started with profiler from within Eclipse (needs WTP) - IDE integration: Eclipse 3.3: integration with localized (non English) Eclipse supported - IDE integration: latest NetBeans 6 milestone 10 supported - IDE integration: IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 M1 supported - Integration with WebLogic 10 - Integration with Tomcat 6 - Integration with JBoss improved - UI: multiple improvements - UI: new advanced open snapshot dialog improves handling of snapshot files - UI: left panels can be collapsed to give more horizontal space for the results - Overall stability and performance improvements See complete list of changes at Kindest regards, YourKit Team