Social Features Enhanced in Atlassian Confluence 2.6


News: Social Features Enhanced in Atlassian Confluence 2.6

  1. Atlassian has announced Confluence 2.6, their popular wiki product. Confluence 2.6 offers a revised user interface and additional social features. More information about Confluence is available at Confluence 2.6 includes a new theme with a fresh look and feel, created in response to customers' interest in something friendlier for new users. Several new social features in 2.6 emphasize community, such as author photos that are now appended to comments and dashboard recent updates. Other new features include default content for spaces, template labels, official MySQL 5.0 support, PDF export of images and the default bundling of the social bookmarking plugin. Next week, Atlassian will begin upgrading its Confluence Hosted customers to this latest edition. Other enterprise features that are standard in Confluence include:
    • Behind-the-firewall download version and a hosted solution
    • Unlimited workspaces and pages
    • Simple-to-use WYSIWYG interface that requires little or no training
    • Ability to store and search across multiple file types (.PPT, Word, .PDF, .GIF, etc.)
    • Enterprise-grade security and permissioning
    • Highly extensible and interoperable architecture
    Evaluation and pricing information are available at Complete release notes can be found at

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