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    This is a list of opensource caching solutions available in Java/J2EE/JEE domain for software development or developing enterprise applications. Bamboo DHT - is a distributed hash table, or DHT, is a building block for peer-to-peer applications. At the most basic level, it allows a group of distributed hosts to collectively manage a mapping from keys to data values, without any fixed hierarchy, and with very little human assistance. This building block can then be used to ease the implementation of a diverse variety of peer-to-peer applications such as file sharing services, DNS replacements, web caches, etc. cache4j - is a cache for Java objects with a simple API and fast implementation. It features in-memory caching, a design for a multi-threaded environment, both synchronized and blocking implementations, a choice of eviction algorithms (LFU, LRU, FIFO), and the choice of either hard or soft references for object storage. FreePastry - is a modular, open source implementation of the Pastry p2p routing and location substrate. Pastry is a generic, scalable and efficient substrate for peer-to-peer applications. Pastry nodes form a decentralized, self-organizing and fault-tolerant overlay network within the Internet. Pastry provides efficient request routing, deterministic object location, and load balancing in an application-independent manner. Furthermore, Pastry provides mechanisms that support and facilitate application-specific object replication, caching, and fault recovery. The proponents of Pastry work for Microsoft, however they've made an excellent choice sticking with Java.
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