Atomikos Releases TransactionsEssentials 3.2


Industry news: Atomikos Releases TransactionsEssentials 3.2

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    Atomikos Releases TransactionsEssentials 3.2 Atomikos has released TransactionsEssentials 3.2, the newest version of its open source transaction core. Most of the changes are focused on the following areas: -threading: pooled threads, switching between multi-threaded and single-threaded commit -logging: improved clarity of diagnostic messages -configuration: improved possibilities for specifying startup properties, improved configuration of the JDBC datasources -various bug fixes Noteworthy in this release is that it includes some very nice community contributions, such as: -Thread pooling, donated by Lars J. Nilsson (Cubeia) -Properties expansion, donated by Marian Kelc (E-Plus) To download the 3.2 release of Atomikos TransactionsEssentials, proceed to According to Guy Pardon (CTO Atomikos), even more community contributions are going to be included in the future 3.3 release. Guy: "I would like to thank all the people and organizations who have given back - including those whose work is not yet included in the current release. When going open source we were expecting to increase our quality with community bug fixes, but we never even hoped that people would actually donate entire feature implementations. And yet, this is what we are seeing now. It is very exciting. Once again, thank you all!"
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    Note that we have just released our 3.3 with improved JDBC support and much, much more. Guy