O'REILLY WEB 2.0 SUMMIT, SAN FRANCISCO (Business Wire) October 17, 2007—At the O'Reilly Web 2.0 Summit today, Atlassian announced the integration of Microsoft (MSFT) Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Atlassian Confluence, the world's most popular enterprise wiki. Users of SharePoint and Confluence will be able to access and share content across these two popular technologies. "Both Confluence and SharePoint are popular with our users. Currently the data is separate and people can only collaborate in one or the other," said Geoffrey Corb, IT Director at Johns Hopkins University. "Bridging these can only help the loyal Microsoft users and the committed Confluence users." The Connector features: Search: Users can search SharePoint and Confluence content together from one place. Content sharing: From within SharePoint, users can embed Confluence page contents allowing users to blend content. Linking: Within Confluence, users can access SharePoint document facilities. Including SharePoint lists and content within Confluence, users can edit Microsoft Office documents in a single click. Single Sign-On and Security: With one login, users can access both systems while seeing only what they have permission to view. "Many of our customers have asked us how to get Confluence and SharePoint Server 2007 to work together better," said Atlassian CEO and co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes. "Starting today we can provide them with a complete solution." "In the enterprise, customers want integration," said Derek Burney, SharePoint General Manager at Microsoft. "This integration further validates our strategy to design SharePoint Server 2007 as a platform for best-of-breed Enterprise 2.0 solutions. By combining the market leading collaboration, social computing and enterprise content management capabilities of SharePoint with the Confluence wiki, customers can now integrate the two products together to achieve their business goals." The SharePoint Connector for Confluence is available for download now on the Atlassian Web site at http://www.atlassian.com/sharepoint. About Atlassian Atlassian Software Systems is a global company that builds lightweight enterprise software to help distributed teams collaborate. Atlassian's affordable, enterprise software products include JIRA, one of the world's most popular issue trackers for ITproject management, and Confluence, widely recognized as the most-advanced enterprise wiki. The company has more than 8,000 customers in over 90 countries, including 30 of the world's top 50 corporations, spanning the Fortune 1000, public enterprise, government, academic, science and technology sectors. All products are free to qualified open source and non-profit organizations. For more information, please visit us at http://www.atlassian.com. Media Contact Jeffrey Walker +1 415 701 1110 media@atlassian.com