BrowserHawk 11 available - detects client capabilities


News: BrowserHawk 11 available - detects client capabilities

  1. BrowserHawk 11 has been released. BrowserHawk is a commercial product that detects client browser capabilities - including screen size, whether cookies or JavaScript is enabled, network speed, and more - and developers can use this information to manage the client experience more effectively. For example, developers already are used to compensating for different browsers when using AJAX; BrowserHawk allows developers to collect data easily about which browsers clients are actually using, as well as their typical screen size and network speed. This helps because developers can tune the application to cater to clients, instead of expecting clients to upgrade to a newer browser or to broadband, for example. This version offers "Rules Enforcement Technology," which "provides an easy way to ensure that each site visitor meets your minimum browser and system requirements, and to provide automated self-help to those users who do not. And all this without having to write any custom code. "The real power of RET is that your site requirements are created simply by using XML. BrowserHawk then enforces these rules for you automatically, with no custom programming required." BrowserHawk 11 is also able to log JavaScript errors encountered by web clients. Development licenses are free with the purchase of a license for production use. A license starts at $498 USD and goes up depending on features needed; the enterprise edition, for example, can report blocked popups, installed fonts, and more. (See the Sales FAQ for more detail.)

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  2. Tinak is for free[ Go to top ]

    Definitely I won't lose $500 to use a device profile technology that you can find for free:
  3. Mobile Devices[ Go to top ]

    Does it recognize mobile devices browser capabilities? E.g. If I browse with a Nokia N70, doesn't it able to get its capabilties?